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California Bureau of Automotive Repair targets non-compliant dealership maintenance menus


During recent discussions with Wayne Ramos, the head of California BAR’s Automotive Repair Enforcement Department, we learned of several issues that should be of concern to dealers.

One of BAR’s primary enforcement targets involves new car dealers that recommend maintenance services while misrepresenting that the services are recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer. The enforcement chief emphasized that BAR currently has several active enforcement cases against dealerships that are allegedly telling consumers that the manufacturer is recommending radiator and transmission flushes when this is not the case. He noted that manufacturers have complained of this practice and mentioned that dealers have been giving maintenance booklets that appear to be created by the manufacturer but are actually dealership recommendations. Although a fine line exists between showing an affiliation with a manufacturer while recommending services and misrepresenting that the recommendation comes from the manufacturer itself, we suggest erring on the side of caution given that BAR is looking closely at this practice. If your dealership has any doubts, consult competent dealer counsel.

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